How to Handle an Expanding Church Member Base

While there is nothing wrong with keeping the church member base at a steady level for many years, there is also a hope among churches to expand. Every church wants to expand its reach. While it is rare to see churches expand to more than one or two neighboring cities, even such expansions can present a number of issues. While the influx of members is always welcome, it also means that some changes need to get made. And one of the changes that we would like to talk about is how churches may want to add other locations.

It is always a huge risk when you are opening up another church location. It is one thing to keep maintaining a single location, because it costs a lot less. But buying land and starting up a new location is a huge undertaking. The first thing that a church must do is ensure the interest is there. If you know that enough members are going to attend events at that location, an expansion makes sense. If you feel as though the current growth trend of members can be maintained over the next five years, a new location makes sense.

Another way to look at it is that you can either make everyone feel as though the current location is too crowded, or you can take a gamble and work on two locations. It may be tough at first, ensuring that both locations are maintaining the same quality of engagement and services. But those challenges are not hard to overcome. And if there is any confusion about how to proceed, it is always a good idea to look at how other churches in the area have handled an expansion.

There is a natural growth for churches when new members come to the congregation. And we believe that adding new locations is the organic way of ensuring that a church community is not just surviving, but thriving.